GFest Online 2020
Featured Artists

Eliot Fisk

Grisha Goryachev

Benjamin Verdery

William Kanengiser

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Gfest Livestreamed Events

Sun, June 28

Live-stream Event |  8 P.M. EDT

Lecture Demo / Grisha Goryachev. Short performance to follow.

Mon, June 29

William Kanengiser Live-stream Event|  8 P.M. EDT

Tues, June 30

Ben Verdery Live-stream Event | 8 P.M. EDT

Open Mic | 9:30 P.M. EDT

Livestreamed open mic for GFest Online participants.

Wed, July 1

Student Recital | 4:30 P.M. EDT

Eliot Fisk Live-stream Event | 8 P.M. EDT