A short note to our Gfest Online 2020 Adult Education participants from Artistic Director, Eliot Fisk.

Dear friends,

I have had the pleasure of getting to know quite a few of you over the 15 years of Boston Guitar Fest’s existence, and it is a true honor to welcome back old friends and to extend wannest greetings to those joining us for the first time as we explore our magical instrument in a revolutionary new way online.

You are not just true lovers of the sacred art of music and noble students of its many lessons, but also the life blood of its audience!

Now, when we performers have mostly lost the opportunity to appear in person before a live audience, we feel even more acutely just how much we miss seeing you across the stage lights, feeling your presence in the hall and visiting with you after our concerts!People like yourselves made Bach’s Cantatas, Oratorios and Passions sing; elated Mozart when his legendary operas were first launched and stirred the huge soul of the almost entirely deaf Beethoven, as an ocean of waving handkerchiefs mixed with thunderous applause saluted the premiere of his 9th Symphony in Vienna almost 200 years ago this year.

Andres Segovia famously described the classical guitar as an orchestra seen backwards through the reverse end of a telescope. This metaphor of the instrument continues to inspire us here as we transform Boston Guitar Fest into Gfest Online 2020 on 4 special days this summer.

Using the possibilities of the internet we will present a kaleidoscope of the instrument’s possibilities with inspiring faculty and students from around the globe joining together in real time and via Drop Box to celebrate this fabulous instrument, whose beauty still offers so much comfort. joy and hope for the future.

Warmest welcome to you all and please feel free as always to share your thoughts, suggestions and talents with us before, during and after Gfest Online 2020 this June 28- July 1.

As the Bard has It:

If music be the food of love, play on!

Eliot Fisk

The Adult Education program at GFest is particularly special to us.  We are eager to open up the resources of GFest to this important group of aficionados and true lovers of the instrument. Ages 31 and above.

Adult Education participants receive 3 private lessons (one per day on June 29, June 30 and July1) plus a daily group class in which they will receive technical and musical advice from GFest faculty and the opportunity to play for each other if so desired.

Adult Education participants have complete access to all festival events and the opportunity to participate in all forums and chats as well as to our “open mic” evening events.

CPlease contact us at info@bostonguitarfest.org with any questions.

We so look forward to hearing from you!


Total Fee: $250


For those interested in auditing the Adult Education program, we offer an auditor option. With that, you will receive:

  • Free admission to observe all 4 masterclasses
  • Seminars and workshops exclusive to GFest participants
  • Access to all GuitarFest Concerts.

Total Fee: $150